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"Kat" is a heavy metal band formed in 1979 in Katowice, Poland. Throughout its history, their music can be categorised as heavy metal, thrash metal and/or black metal. They have been accused many times, mainly by Polish media, of promoting satanism. In Polish language "kat" means ''executioner''.

Kat was founded in 1979 by a guitarist Piotr Luczyk and a drummer Ireneusz Loth. Shortly after, a bass guitarist Tomasz JaguĊ› and another guitarist, Ryszard Pisarski, joined the band. They played instrumental music influenced by hard rock bands, mainly by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. In 1981 during the first edition of Silesian Rock festival band found a vocalist, Roman Kostrzewski. The line-up was filled by a guitarist Wojciech Mrowiec and in 1984 Kat released debut single "Noce Szatana / Ostatni Tabor" (Polish for ''The Nights of Satan / The Last Train''). Robert "Lor" Milewski is an author for the lyrics of both songs. While playing at Jarocin Festival, band met with listeners' enthusiasm, although first accusation of promoting satanism also appeared. Allegation turned up due to the behaviour of another band, Kreon (f. Test Fobii) which broke a Christian cross ...

years active 1979-present
origin Katowice
country Poland
music genre Heavy metal
Black metal
Thrash metal
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source: Wikipedia