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"Katatonia" is a Swedish Doom Metal band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991 by Jonas Renkse (formerly Lord Seth) and Anders Nyström (formerly Blackheim). Katatonia is noted for the overall melancholy of its sound, often giving them the classification of doom metal or depressive rock. Many critics note a progression in sound from the former to the latter as the band's career has progressed.

The early releases of the band feature mostly harsh vocals and can stylistically be considered as a mixture of doom and death metal. Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt performed the harsh vocals on ''Brave Murder Day'' and ''Sounds of Decay'' after regular Katatonia singer (and then drummer) Jonas Renkse became unable to scream properly. Katatonia moved to a lighter sound with clean vocals beginning with 1998's ''Discouraged Ones''.

Katatonia has released two compilations. ''Brave Yester Days'' (the title being a play on their album ''Brave Murder Day'') is a double-disc release including all cuts from EP's up to ''Saw You Drown'', selected cuts from full-length albums ''Brave Murder Day'' and ''Dance of December Souls'', and two tracks from a compilation. ''The Black Sessions'' is a limited...

years active 1991 – present
countryStockholm, Sweden
music genreDoom Metal (old)
Gothic Rock (recent)
current members Jonas Renkse
Anders Nyström
Fred Norrman
Mattias Norrman
Daniel Liljekvist
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia