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Keith Caputo

"Keith Caputo" is the lead singer with New York rock band Life of Agony. He is also a solo artist with three albums, and briefly appeared in Freax, a Brazilian metal/industrial crossover band.

More recently, he provided vocals for the song Tired N' Lonely off Roadrunner United's The AllStar Sessions.

On May 1st 2006, Keith Caputo released his new album "Hearts Blood On Your Dawn" which is not available in the stores, but at his live shows and via mailorder through his website,

* Selfish (single) (1999)

* Died Laughing (1999/2000)

* New York City (single) (2000)

* Died Laughing Pure (acoustic versions) (2000)

* Why (single) 2001

* Perfect Little Monsters (2002)

* Live Monsters (2004) (Live performances)

* Hearts Blood On Your Dawn (2006)

* - official website

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