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Keller Williams

"Keller Williams" (also known as "K-Dub" and the "Jam-Man") is a one man jam band from Fredericksburg, Virginia. A self-taught, percussive, and rhythmic musician, Keller plays mainly on acoustic guitars while looping other instruments with a Gibson Echoplex Delay system. He formerly used a Lexicon Jamman, inspired by Flecktones bassist and Virginia native, Victor Wooten. Many die-hard fans of Keller Williams tend to prefer his pre-looping albums. He is, mainly, a one man band and a singer-songwriter, known for unconventional introspective folk songs and his innovative and original methods of performing concerts in the jam band scene. His main guitars used are modified 12 string Guild JF30-12s and a Martin HD-28. He also has a few custom guitars, a custom baritone, and he uses a Godin Electric, a synthesizer, as well as a Fender Jazz Bass. On his 12 string guitars, Keller takes one string off of the high and low E pair for better and sharper harmonics during playing, thus making them 10 string guitars.

Williams' lyrics are humorous and often somewhat nonsensical with his often lighthearted and liberal views on everyday life, touring, and everyday activities to marijuana legaliz...

Background khaki
Born April 20, 1970
Origin Fredricksburg, Virginia, USA
Genre rock music
Occupation Musician
Instrument Singing
Bass guitar
Years active 1991–Present (time)
First album ''Freek''
Latest album ''Home''
Associated acts The String Cheese Incident
Umphrey's McGee
Yonder Mountain String Band
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia