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"Kent" is a Swedish rock band founded in Eskilstuna in 1990, with the name ''Coca-Cola Kids'', later ''Jones & Giftet'' (Jones & the Poison), and ''Havsänglar'' (Angel sharks, lit. Sea angels). The band's logo is distinctive, using a lowercase "k" and the ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book typeface. Kent have had several big Swedish radio hits since the breakthrough single “Kräm (så nära får ingen gå) ”. As of 2005, they are probably the most popular rock band in Sweden, but are more or less unknown outside Scandinavia. They have tried an international career with English versions of the albums “Isola” and “Hagnesta Hill” with accompanying US tours for the former, but gave up after not reaching the breakthrough they had hoped for.

*Joakim Berg – Lead vocals, guitar

*Martin Sköld – Bass

*Markus Mustonen – Drums, backing vocals

*Sami Sirviö – Lead guitar

*Harri Mänty – Rhythm guitar (from 1996)

*Thomas Bergqvist – Keyboards (1990–92)

*Martin Roos – Rhythm guitar (1992–95)


In 1995 Kent released their epynomous debut ''Kent''. It was distorted and not much reminiscent of what Kent would release in later years. It got almo...

years active 1990–present
origin Eskilstuna
country Sweden
music genre Rock (music)
current members Joakim Berg
Markus Mustonen
Harri Mänty (from 96)
Sami Sirviö
Martin Sköld
past members Thomas Bergqvist (90–92)
Martin Roos (92–95)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia