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Kim Mitchell

"Joseph Kim Mitchell" (born July 10 1952 in Sarnia, Ontario) is a Canadian guitarist and is viewed by some as one of Canada's most influential and respected Rock guitarists.

During the 1970s, while still in his teens, Mitchell began playing with local bands in Sarnia. After evolving through a few name changes with essentially the same band, Mitchell and "Zooom" headed off for Toronto, Ontario. Zooom eventually dissolved, with Mitchell travelling to the Greek islands.

On his return to Canada, he formed the band Max Webster with fellow Sarnia native, Pye Dubois. Max Webster toured extensively and built a string of hits. Mitchell's solo career began after his departure from Max Webster, with session work and a succession of solo albums.

In early 1985, the song "Go For Soda" from the ''Akimbo Alogo'' album became an international hit and remains his best known song outside of his native Canada. The song was also featured in the opening scene of the 1985 Miami Vice episode ''Buddies''.

In 2004, Mitchell entered the radio broadcasting industry, becoming afternoon drive time host on Toronto classic rock radio station Q107.

As of 2006, Mitchell, still does the aft...

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