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King Missile

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"King Missile" is an avant-garde band that has been led in various incarnations by poet/singer John S. Hall since 1986. The group is probably best known for the 1993 alternative music radio hit ''Detachable Penis''. They achieved a cult following earlier with the song "Jesus Was Way Cool". They were an anchor band for the indie label Shimmy Disc. Now known as King Missile III (pronounced "the third"), the group released its ninth album, ''Royal Lunch,'' in 2004.

"King Missile III" 1998 - present

*John S. Hall - vocals: singing and spoken word

*Sasha Forte - bass, violin, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

*Bradford Reed - pencilina, drums, percussion, synthesizer, backing vocals

*"King Missile (Dog Fly Religion)"

**''Fluting On The Hump'' (1987)

**''They'' (1988)

*"King Missile"

**''Mystical Shit'' (1990)

**''The Way to Salvation'' (1991)

**''Happy Hour'' (1992)

**''King Missile'' (1994)

*"King Missile III"

**''Failure'' (1998)

**''The Psychopathology of Everyday Life'' (2002)

**''Royal Lunch'' (2004)


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