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Kingdom Come

"Kingdom Come" is a hard rock band fronted by Hamburg-born vocalist Lenny Wolf. The group was formed in 1987 after the breakup of Wolf's moderately successful rock project Stone Fury. Wolf's new record company, Polygram, allowed him incredible freedom to assemble Kingdom Come's lineup and direct its sound, recruiting Pittsburgh-based lead guitarist Danny Stag, Louisvillians Rick Steier (guitar) and James Kottak (Drums) and Northern Californian Johnny B. Frank on bass. Kingdom Come marked the first band where Wolf sang without playing guitar. (The frontman later admitted that, for a while, it was a very awkward adjustment.)

Kingdom Come's sound was thought by many to be highly derivative of Led Zeppelin's, to the point that some listeners initially thought that Kingdom Come was actually a Led Zeppelin reunion. In 1988, Lenny & company released their debut LP, ''Kingdom Come''. The band's first single, "Get It On," was a big enough hit on AOR stations that the band's eponymous debut went gold. Their second single/video for the power ballad "What Love Can Be" received much airplay on US radio and MTV. By the time the single/video "Loving You" was released, the album had s...

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