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The band got its start in Oblong, IL sometime in 1999 when long time friends Aaron, Chris, and Bub who, disgusted with the local music scene, decided to do something about it and formed The Kinison. In late January 2002 still unhappy they headed out to California in search of a new bass player and drummer. Initially, finding new bass player Tim Millhouse, and drummer Mikey Rivera, both Friends of their then Manager Bill Fold. Tim Millhouse ceased his playing with the Kinison. They then recruited Bassist Frank Figueroa, from a band called 401 waterman. Frank bass recorded on Mortgage is bank. Soon After the recording Frank quit the kinison to find work as a RN. The trio soon recruited Mike V and Mikey to complete the band. After 9 months of playing tiny shows in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles area they landed a spot on the indie rock festival This Ain't No Picnic. The band recorded an E.P. 'Mortgage is Bank' in September 2002 for Fearless Records. In the spring of 2003 The Kinison found their way onto Coachella, a 2 day music festival in Indio, California.

After months of touring they finally landed a record deal with LaSalle Records, thanks to Casey Chaos of Amen. The ...

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