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"Kino" (Russian: Кино́, often written uppercase, pronounced key-no') was a Russian rock band headed by Viktor Tsoi. They were one of the most famous Russian rock groups of the 1980s.

The band was formed in the summer of 1981 in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg, Russia) as a punk rock band ''Garin i giperboloidy'' (after a novel of Aleksei Nikolaevich Tolstoi ''Giperboloid inzhenera Garina'', published in English as ''Engineer Garin and His Death Ray'') by Viktor Tsoi, Aleksei Rybin and Oleg Valinskiy. A year later the name of the band was changed to ''Kino'' (Russian for ''Cinema''). Since rock music was considered "anti-Soviet", Kino, like the other rock bands, performed only in semi-underground clubs and at musicians' apartments (so-called "kvartirniks").

In the summer of 1982, Kino's first album ''45'' (according to its length in minutes) was recorded together with the musicians of the band Aquarium. The album was slowly distributed through underground channels and gave an apparent fame to the group.

The bands first real hit was the album ''Noch'' (Russian for ''Night'') released in 1986; the six songs from the album were included in the ''Red Wave: 4 Unde...

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