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"Kittie" is a Canadian alternative metal, all-women band from London, Ontario. The band rose to success in 1999 when the track "Brackish" from their debut album ''Spit'' became a hit single. The band also supported Slipknot during the early 2000's on Slipknot's UK tour, heightening the band's popularity and credibility.

Kittie was formed in 1996, when Mercedes Lander and Fallon Bowman met in a high school gymnastics class. The lead singer, Morgan Lander, is Mercedes' sister. Their original bassist was Tanya Candler, who was forced to leave the band in the winter of 1999 due to health problems. She was replaced with Talena Atfield. In 2001, Fallon Bowman left Kittie without citing her reasons (although it was alleged that it was due to the rest of the band's discomfort with Fallon's obsession with the Columbine killings, this rumor however, has been confirmed to be untrue,) and eventually started a new project called Amphibious Assault. No replacement for Fallon had been made at this time. The band's guitar technician, Jeff Phillips, filled the spots during tours, but was never officially made a member.

Talena Atfield left in 2002. She was replaced on bass guitar by Je...

years active 1996 - present (time)
status Active
origin London, Ontario, Canada
music genre Alternative Metal
current members Morgan Lander
Mercedes Lander
Tara McLeod
Trish Doan
past members Tanya Candler
Fallon Bowman
Talena Atfield
Jeff Phillips
Lisa Marx
Jennifer Arroyo
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia