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"Kix" was an American rock band. While other bands were focusing on achieving fame by producing music videos – brand new at the time – Kix was focused on writing and playing the club circuit in the Chesapeake region. For its entire existence, the band was a mainstay at the famous Hammerjacks Concert Hall and Nightclub, a rock-and-roll night club and one of the largest and most popular indoor bar venues on the east coast that was ultimately razed to make room for a parking lot for tailgate partiers at the Baltimore Ravens stadium now known as M&T Bank Stadium.

The band was founded in 1978 in Hagerstown, Maryland as The Shooze, then changed its name to The Generators before eventually settling on Kix. They were considered one of Maryland's top cover bands prior to their signing with Atlantic Records in 1981.

In 1981, they debuted with a self-titled album “Kix,” featuring "Atomic Bombs," "Heartache," "Contrary Mary," and "The Kid." "Love at First Sight" instantly became a concert favorite. "KIX Are for Kids" creatively merged the name of the band with two popular cereals of the 1960s and 1970s, KIX (that featured an atomic bomb commercial) and the Trix Rabbi...

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