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"Klank" was an industrial metal band created by guitarist Daren "Klank" Diolosa, who started it after the end of the 1990s cult band Circle of Dust, in which he was the lead guitarist. They have published two albums, ''Still Suffering'' and ''Numb'', and have made the Top 40 CMJ charts with the hit single ''Blind''.

The nickname "Klank" comes from Daren Diolosa's love of heavy metal music. His former Circle of Dust bandmates used to tell him, "You're so heavy metal, you klank".


Klank's first work outside Circle of Dust was in 1994, when he worked with The Blamed on their album ''21''. It was through that album that Klank met Brandon Ebel, president of Klank's future record label, Tooth & Nail Records.

In 1995, Klank signed with Tooth & Nail Records for the release of his first album, ''Still Suffering''. On this album, Klank was a solo artist. He gained some notoriety because when he signed the contract with Tooth & Nail, a predominantly Christian record label, he signed his name in his own blood. Diolosa, although spiritual, never considered Klank to be a Christian band; this in itself was controve...

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