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"Krisiun" is a brutal death metal band from Brazil, formed in 1990 in Rio Grande do Sul. The band is heavily influenced by the debut albums of Morbid Angel and Slayer. They released two demos and then moved to São Paulo. The ''Unmerciful Order'' EP established the band as a cult act, which they confirmed by the release of their debut album ''Black Force Domain'' in 1995. The succeeding albums continued to improve their brutal and uncompromising approach to death metal.

All three band members are brothers, although one uses his mother's surname. The original line-up has been maintained throughout the band's history.

The name derives from 'Mare Crisium', Latin for "Sea of Abomination", one of the craters on the moon.

* ''Evil Age'' (Demo, 1991)

* ''The Plague'' (Demo, 1992)

* ''Curse Of The Evil One ''(EP, 1992)

* ''Evil Age'' (Split EP with Harmony Dies, 1993)

* ''Unmerciful Order'' (EP, 1993)

* ''Black Force Domain'' (1995)

* ''Apocalytpic Revelation'' (1998)

* ''Conquerors of Armageddon'' (2000)

* ''Ageless Venomous'' (2001)

* ''Works of Carnage'' (2003)

* ''Bloodshed'' (EP, 2004)

* ''AssassiNation'' (2006)

* Moyses Kolesne - Guit...

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