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"Krokus" is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Switzerland.

Krokus was founded in Solothurn in 1974 by vocalist Marc Storace, guitarists Fernando von Arb and Tommy Kiefer, bassist (and original lead vocalist) Chris von Rohr, and drummer Freddy Steady. Originally a symphonic rock outfit, they had to change to metal because their former direction was unprofitable. They enjoyed some popularity in the 1980s through MTV exposure and videos which made Krokus the most internationally successful Swiss rock band. In Europe, they toured with Nazareth and in the United States with AC/DC, Motörhead, Rush, and Judas Priest. Their album ''Headhunter'' was a platinum album in the United States.

*''Krokus'' (1976)

*''To You All'' (1977)

*''Pain Killer'', aka ''Pay it in Metal'' (1978)

*''Metal Rendez-Vous'' (1979)

*''Hardware'' (1981)

*''One Vice at a Time'' (1982)

*''Headhunter'' (1983)

*''The Blitz'' (1984)

*''Change of Address'' (1986)

*''Alive and Screaming'', live (1986)

*''Heart Attack'' (1988)

*''Stampede'' (1991)

*''To Rock or Not to Be'' (1995)

*''Round 13'' (1999)

*''Rock the Block'' (2003)

*''Fire and Gasoline'', live (2004)

*''Hellraiser'' ...

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