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"Kudai" is a pop group from Chile that consists of Tomás Cañas Manzi, Pablo Holman Concha, Nicole Natarino Torres and Bárbara Sepúlveda Labra.

The group was formed in 2000, when a band of children was organized to sing tribute songs of Italian musical successes of the '80s. This band was called Ciao and produced only one disc, which was relatively successful. Afterwards they started to perform group-submitted songs and musical interpretation of diverse instruments and changed their name to "Kudai", that comes from mapudungun ''kudau'' (meaning young worker), and released their first album "VUELO" (Spanish for flight) in 2004. Their first single, "Sin Despertar", quickly escalated to the first places of Chilean music rankings. They released their second single, "Ya Nada Queda", which achieved great success like their third single "Escapar". "VUELO" became platinum in August 2005.

They were nominated for "Best Artist—Central Region" and "Best New Artist—Central Region" in the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America 2005. They released their first DVD, which included their 2004-2005 Tour, in September 2005. They have been successful in South America and Mexico.


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