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Kult is a Punk Rock band formed in 1982 in Poland.


In July 1982 the band performed at its first concert at the Remont Club in Warsaw.

Although it was not released until July 1987, the first Kult release was recorded in September 1986.


The original members of Kult were:

*Tadeusz Bagan *Dariusz Gierszewski *Kazik Staszewski *Piotr Wieteska

The membership of the band changed over the years. As of 2005, Kult consists of:

  • Krzysztof Banasik
  • Tomasz Goehs
  • Tomasz Glazik
  • Janusz GrudziÅ„ski
  • Piotr Morawiec
  • Kazik Staszewski
  • Ireneusz WereÅ„ski
  • Janusz Zdunek


  • Kult (1987)
  • PosÅ‚uchaj to do ciebie (1987)
  • Spokojnie (1988)
  • Tan (1989)
  • Kaseta (1989)
  • 45-89 (1991)
  • Your Eyes (1991)
  • Tata Kazika (1993)
  • Muj wydafca (1994)
  • Tata 2 (1996)
  • Ostateczny krach system...
    years active 1982–present
    country Poland
    music genre Punk rock, Rock music
    current members Kazik Staszewski
    Krzysztof Banasik
    Ireneusz Wereński
    Janusz Grudziński
    Janusz Zdunek
    Piotr Morawiec
    Tomasz Glazik
    Tomasz Goehs
    website Official site
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia