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"Kyuss" (pronounced ) was an influential stoner rock band, originally from Palm Desert, California.

The band was originally formed in 1989 under the name "Sons of Kyuss" until the release of their first album, when the band released the rare self-titled EP ''Sons of Kyuss'', still with Chris Cockrell on bass locally in 1990. The name Sons of Kyuss was taken from the roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons, and shortened to "Kyuss" with a slightly different lineup later in that year.

Kyuss' first line-up consisted of John Garcia (vocals), Joshua Homme (guitar), Nick Oliveri (bass guitar) and Brant Bjork (drums). This lineup released their debut album, ''Wretch'' in 1991 on Dali Records, but sales were sluggish even as their live shows gained fame. They performed all around southern California, frequently at parties in the desert which were referred to as "generator parties" because of the use of gasoline-powered generators to provide electricity for the equipment. Then, Josh Homme gained a reputation for playing electric guitars through bass guitar amplifiers to create a bass-heavy sound.

Chris Goss produced their next album, the landmark ''Blues for the Red Sun'' (...

years active 1989 – 1995; 1997
country California, United States
status Dissolved
music genre Stoner rock
current members John Garcia
Josh Homme
Scott Reeder
Alfredo Hernandez
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia