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"Ladytron" are a band formed in Liverpool, England. They take their name from the song "Ladytron" by Bryan Ferry (from Roxy Music's eponymous debut album of 1972).

Music journalists have lazily (and incorrectly) classified Ladytron as electroclash and, as is supposedly typical for that genre, the group's live performances include live guitars and a drummer along with the electronics. Despite Ladytron's undeserved classification, they are notable for not using sampling on their records or in their shows, instead playing everything live using synthesizers. It should be noted, however, that their latest album, ''Witching Hour'', avoids most electro conventions, falling more into the realm of electro-pop and shoegazing.

Ladytron's lyrics are of a somewhat obscure nature, mostly dominated by banal images and snippets of everyday life, and sometimes written in Bulgarian by Bulgarian bandmember Mira Aroyo. Ladytron's first hit single, "He Took Her To A Movie," featured a different singer, Lisa Eriksson of Techno Squirrels; however, all other material on 604 had current singers Aroyo and Helen Marnie. Albums so far have focused on a balance between pop structures and a retro so...

Background group or band
Origin Liverpool, England
Genre Rock (music)
Years active 2001–present
website Official site
Current members Helen Marnie
Daniel Hunt
Mira Aroyo
Reuben Wu
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia