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Blaine Larsen

Blaine Larsen (born February 2, 1986 in Tacoma, Washington) is a baritone country singer-songwriter from Washington State. He was the youngest neotraditional country artist to have a hit on the Billboard charts with his 2004 single "How Do You Get That Lonely", a song about suicide. At age fifteen he recorded the album In My High School which was rereleased in 2005 as Off to Join the World. Other singles include "The Best Man" and "In My High School". Blaine has a new album coming out on June 13th called Rockin You Tonight. Lyrics

{{ class="wikitable" |rowspan="2"|Year |rowspan="2"| Title |colspan="2"| Chart positions |rowspan="2"| Album |-

| US Hot 100 | US Country |- | 2005 | "How Do You Get That Lonely" | - | #19 | Off to Join the World |-

| 2005 | "The Best Man" | - | #36 | Off to Join the World |- | 2006 | "I Don't Know What She Said"...

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