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Last Tuesday

"Last Tuesday" is a Christian melodic punk rock band hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. All four members contribute vocals, including Carl Brengle (a Chester Bennington look-alike).

Their nationally released Mono Vs. Stereo debut album, ''Resolve'', was produced by Matthew Thiessen (lead singer of Relient K) and Joe Marlett (Blink 182, Foo Fighters).

Also by Last Tuesday:

*''Dear Jessica'' (LP-Dug Records) 2000

*''Composition'' (EP-Dug Records) 2002

*''Distractions and Convictions'' (LP-Dug Records) 2004

*''Resolve'' (LP) 2005


Although a typical-looking punk quartet complete with spiky hair and loud T-shirts, the band's commitment to meaning and truth is constant. ''Last Tuesday'' understands the influence that music has on society and is dedicated to making a ''positive'' impact upon the lives of their listeners (young and old). Their band's mission statement remarks that ''The mission is lofty, but the alternative is devastating.''

*Carl Brengle -- Bass guitar, vocals

*Steve Gee -- Guitar, vocals

*Ben Hannigan -- Guitar

*Chris (Tank) Murk -- Drums

* Last Tuesday's website


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