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Laura Veirs

"Laura Veirs" is an American singer-songwriter.

She grew up in Colorado, where she often spent summers camping with her family, which gave her much of her song-writing inspiration. She now lives in Seattle.

Laura says that she didn't seriously listen to music until she was in her 20's; instead, she just heard what was in her environment. Her parents listened to folk and country, which was pervasive on Colorado radio during her youth. She lists Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and Olivia Newton-John as artists that caught her ear growing up.

Attending Carleton College in rural Minnesota, Laura latched onto feminist punk rock from the Pacific Northwest, eventually starting an all-female punk band during her college years. While in college, Laura studied geology and Mandarin Chinese. After college, she embraced older country music. Her first foray into songwriting started with a geological expedition in China, where she served as translator. She was miserable and immersed herself into writing lyrics as a way of coping.

She put out her own self-titled album, recorded live and featuring just her and guitar, in 1999. She has since made 4 hig...

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