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Lauren Christy

Lauren Christy

"Lauren Christy" is a singer and songwriter born in London, England. She studied at the Bush Davies Ballet School from age 11 to 17, before she decided to become a musical artist.

She was a member of several bands. Her first band, Pink Ash, consisted of six male members and herself. She called herself ''Susie Reptile''. After frantically writing and looking for inspiration from her keyboards, Lauren achieved both a publishing deal with EMI and a major label record contract with Polygram Records.

She released her self-titled debut album on February 19, 1993, including the singles "You Read Me Wrong" and "Steep," and followed it with her second album, ''Breed'' on July 22, 1997.

In 1994, she had a minor AC hit with "The Color Of The Night", the theme song to the Bruce Willis vehicle ''Color of Night''. After the song gained airplay, her eponymous debut LP was re-released with "The Color Of The Night" included as a bonus track.

Three years later, she contributed the song "Breed" to the ''Batman and Robin'' soundtrack, which was also released as the first single for the ''Breed'' album. Though the song's video received heavy rotation on MTV, the single and LP failed...

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