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Lazlo Bane

"Lazlo Bane" is an United States alternative rock band formed in 1997. They are probably most well known for their song "Superman", which was used as the theme tune to the television program Scrubs.

The band consists of Chad Fischer (vocals and guitar), Chris Link (bass and vocals), Tim Bright (guitar), and Chicken (drums).

L.A. Based pop-rockers Lazlo Bane made their debut in 1997 with "11 Transistor" and a cover of Men At Work's "Overkill". The video, with a cameo from Men At Work's Colin Hay, became a favorite on MTV2. The band describes their follow-up CD, "All The Time In The World," as their ode to California - 12 introspective songs on the timeless cycle of allure and despair in the Golden State. Their new single, "Superman," attracted the ear of Scrubs star Zach Braff and can now be heard as the theme song of the NBC hit series.

In the beginning, there was nothing (and it sucked!). Then, after billions of years, the dinosaurs, early civilizations, wars, Woodstock and the Jeffersons, there was Lazlo Bane.

But before the glory and the fury, and long before world domination, Lazlo was merely a splinter in Chad Fischer's drumstick. "I had been touring ...

years active 1997–present
country United States
music genre Rock (music)
current members Chad Fischer
Chris Link
Tim Bright
Chicken (AKA Dino)
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source: Wikipedia