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Lee Greenwood

"Lee Greenwood" (born October 27 1942 in South Gate, California) is an American country music singer songwriter.

After the separation of his parents, Lee grew up in Sacramento on the poultry farm of his grandparents. At the age of seven, he began playing the saxophone, and at the age of nine became a member of a dance ensemble. In 1969 he joined the Chester Smith Band and had his first television appearance. A short time later, he worked with the country musician Del Reeves.

He founded his first band, Apollo, in 1962. The band, which changed its name later to Lee Greenwood Affair, played mostly pop music and appeared mostly in casinos in Las Vegas. A few records were recorded in Los Angeles with the Paramount label. After the band broke up in the 70s, Greenwood moved back to Las Vegas, where he worked days as a black jack dealer, and as a singer at night.

Despite being of age to serve in the military in Vietnam, Greenwood found a way out of military service, and has been referred to as a "chickenhawk" for his pro-war stances, and not serving his country.

In 1979, he was discovered in Reno by Larry McFaden, the bandleader and bassist of Mel Tillis. Aft...

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