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Lee Kernaghan

"Lee Kernaghan" (born April 15, 1964 in Corryong, Victoria, Australia, is one of Australia's most popular and influential country singers and songwriters.

In 1969 Lee's first public performance was on the Chickadees radio singing "Two Little Boys" by Rolf Harris. The years rolled by and in 1975 Lee, his brother Greg and friend Glen Simpson formed the band "The Blue Devils". He won the prestigious Starmaker quest in Tamworth as a youngester but it wasn't until 1986 things started shaping up. He had just come back from performing at Fanfair in Nashville. Through songwriter Reece Kirk Lee met with Garth Porter and the two become lifelong friends and work mates. Garth managed to rope a bit of money from Warner Chappell and they recorded his first solo LP.

The release of “The Outback Club” in 1992 was a defining point in Lee's music career, not only beginning his long career but also reviving the dream he had given up in the Christmas of 1990. As Lee recalls "I’d given it the last ten years of my life, pretty well full on and I was doing shows like the Carriers Arms in Wodonga and nobody turned up. Not a soul.” Lee's mate had real estate agency and Lee traded his...

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