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Lee Michaels

"Lee Michaels" (Hammond organ, piano, guitar, saxophone, trombone, accordion, vocals) was born November 24th, 1945 in Los Angeles, California. He became famous celebrating one of the greatest ego trips in Rock music. He arranged, produced and mixed his own compositions in a private studio where he usually played all instruments and sang several voices using audio track mixing methods. Only a bass player and a drummer occasionally helped, adding insignificant sound ingredients. Staff shortage in the studio as well as on stage was usually made up by high-proof presence of himself, relentless taste, and ... amplification, though.

The multi-instrumentalist, also known as Mike Olsen, began his career with the Sentinels, a San Luis-based surf group which included Merrell Fankhauser and drummer John Barbata (later of The Turtles and Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship). Michaels himself later joined Barbata in the Strangers, a group led by Joel Scott Hill, before moving to San Francisco in 1965. He there enjoyed a spell in the Family Tree, a Beatles-influenced attraction, before embarking on a solo career in 1968.

An aggressive organ, sometimes guitar, wailing through—in the...

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