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"Len" is a Canadian pop music group from Toronto, Ontario, known as a one-hit wonder for its song "Steal My Sunshine" in 1999.

The band consists of:

*"Marc Costanzo": vocals, guitar

*"Sharon Costanzo": vocals, bass guitar

Len's early material was reminiscent of artists such as My Bloody Valentine, Mystery Machine and the Descendents. When they were dubbed as a "hip-hop Human League", Marc and Shar were flattered and admitted to being "weaned" on the Human League. The band has been together since 1991; the members are siblings and have an unusually strong bond with each other.

As an indie band, Len released an EP, and two albums, ''Superstar'' and ''Get Your Legs Broke''. These albums eventually sold around 10,000 to 15,000 each. They eventually brought D Rock, DJ Moves and Planet Pea into the Len crew. The additional personnel changed the sound of their music from alternative punk/pop to a more hip-hop sound. They released ''You Can't Stop the Bum Rush'' in 1999, featuring the hit song "Steal My Sunshine", which was part of the ''Go'' soundtrack. The track featured a raspy sounding Marc complemented by the sweet sounding voice of Sharon, backed by a catchy bea...

years active 1991 – present
status active
origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
music genre Pop music
current members Marc Costanzo
Sharon Costanzo
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source: Wikipedia