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Lenny Kuhr

Lenny Kuhr

"Lenny Kuhr" (Born in Eindhoven, February 22 1950) is a Dutch singer-songwriter.

In 1967 she started a singing career in the Netherlands, performing songs in the French chanson tradition. In 1969 she represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest with her own composition ''De Troubadour'' (lyrics by David Hartsema; orchestra conducted by Franz de Kok). She was one of the four winners that year.

In the early seventies Kuhr was more successful in France than in her home country. She topped the French charts in 1972 with the song ''Jesus Christo'' and performed in the shows of Georges Brassens.

In 1980 she had her biggest hit in the Netherlands: ''Visite'', a song she performed together with the French group les Poppys. She has been releasing records ever since, though without major chart success.

Lenny Kuhr converted to Judaism. She is married to Rob Frank and has two daughters from an earlier marriage, who live in Israel. For a while, she lived in Israel herself.

*Panta Rhei, 2005

*Op de grens van jou en mij, 2004

*Fadista, 2001

*Visite, 2000

*Oeverloze liefde, 1999

*De troubadour, 1...

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