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Les Savy Fav

"Les Savy Fav" (pronounced lay SAH vee FAHV) is a New York City band that produces idiosyncratic indie rock. Their style is heavily influenced by art punk and post-punk.

The group's original line-up, formed in 1995, all met while attending the Rhode Island School of Design.

The band is known for angular, abrasive guitar and bass melodies, complemented by singer Tim Harrington's educated, poetic lyrics sung or shouted over the instruments. Harrington's involved lyrics make broad-ranging academic references to such disparate topics as Stockholm syndrome, the architects of Carthage, and even palimpsests.

The band has a highly-regarded live show due to the antics of frontman Harrington, including kissing multiple audience members and on-stage wardrobe changes. These antics, however, rarely seem to faze the rest of the band as they continue to play as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

The band started a planned hiatus in mid-2005, which led to speculation that they might have broken up, but lead Harrington confirmed that Les Savy Fav would return According to bassist and Frenchkiss Records owner Syd Bu...

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