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The Libertines

"The Libertines" were an English rock band who rose to fame in the early 2000s, spearheading the post-punk revival movement of that time. The band was centred on the song-writing partnership of Pete Doherty (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Carl Barât (vocals/lead guitar), and was backed by John Hassall (bass) and Gary Powell (drums).

Although initially their mainstream success was limited, their profile grew culminating in a #2 single and #1 album in the UK Charts. However, the band's music was often eclipsed by its internal conflicts, many of which stemmed from Doherty's considerable drug use and it was mostly because of this the band was disbanded at the end of 2004. The members of The Libertines have gone on to new bands, with varying degrees of commercial and critical success.


Carl Barât first came into contact with Pete Doherty when he was at Brunel University in 1997, sharing a flat in Richmond with Pete Doherty's sister, Amy-Jo. Through her, they became friends and started writing songs, and soon agreed to try to make a successful band together. (Barât stated "It's either the top of the world or bottom of the canal"). Barât abandoned his drama course at Br...

years active 2001–2004
country England
music genre Post-punk revival, Punk rock
current members Carl Barat
past members Johnny Borrell-vocals and bass
Steve Bedlow (Scarborough Steve)-vocals
Paul Dufour-drums
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source: Wikipedia