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Lightning Seeds

"The Lightning Seeds" are an alternative pop band, largely the brainchild of writer, singer and guitarist Ian Broudie (born August 4 1958, Liverpool, England).

Ian Broudie and Simon Rogers formed the act as the "perfect pop project," and The Lightning Seeds broke through in 1989 with the shimmery, psychedelic synth pop hit, "Pure", which made the UK Top 20.

In the 1990s The Lightning Seeds would become one of the most popular and enterprising of the era. The 1994 album ''Jollification'' was a critical success, spawning several hit singles, including "Lucky You," "Change," "Marvellous," and "Perfect." Its cover was also memorable: it was dominated by an enormous strawberry with people's faces as its seeds. The sleeve for "Change" was a strawberry wearing a Groucho Marx nose, glasses and moustache set.

In 1996, The Lightning Seeds provided the music and production for the official England anthem for the Euro '96 football tournament. The lyric was written and sung by comedians Frank Skinner and David Baddiel, and the song, "Three Lions", went straight in at Number 1.

The Lightning Seeds maintained their popularity, enjoying three more UK Top 20 hits, including a ve...

Background group or band
Origin Liverpool, England
Genre Alternative rock
Years active 1982–present
website Official site
Current members Ian Broudie – vocalist
Simon Rogers – programmer
Ali Kane – keyboardist
Martin Campbell – bassist
Chris Sharrock – drums
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia