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"Limblifter" is a Canadian alternative rock group.

The band was formed in 1996 by brothers Ryan Dahle and Kurt Dahle, as a side project from their main band, Age of Electric. Ian Somers was the band's other member. Their self-titled 1996 album spawned the Canadian Top 40 hits "Tinfoil", "Vicious" and "Screweditup", but the band subsequently went on hiatus when Age of Electric regrouped for their 1997 album ''Make a Pest a Pet''.

When AOE subsequently broke up, however, Limblifter was revived as the Dahles' primary band, releasing ''Bellaclava'' in 2000. Although that release wasn't as successful commercially as ''Limblifter'', the singles "Ariel vs. Lotus" and "Wake Up to the Sun" were popular on radio.

Kurt Dahle subsequently left the band in 2001 to concentrate on The New Pornographers. Ryan Dahle carried on with new members Meegee Bradfield, Dave Patterson, touring drummer Burento Follett, and studio drummer Pat Steward, releasing ''I/O'' in 2004.

* ''Limblifter'' (1996)

* ''Bellaclava'' (2000)

* ''I/O'' (2004)

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