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Linda Davis

"Linda Davis" (born Nov. 26, 1962 in Dodson, Texas, USA) is an American country music singer who is probably most known for winning the 1993 Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Collaboration for "Does He Love You?", her duet with country superstar Reba McEntire. Before receiving the award, Davis had released two solo albums without much any chart action, but her subsequent three albums did find themselves on the Billboard Music Charts, although at relatively low positions. Her albums generally feature slow ballads in the manner of McEntire's recent material, which has drifted more toward pop than country.

*''In a Different Light'' (1991)

*''Linda Davis'' (1992)

*''Shoot for the Moon'' (1994)

*''Some Things Are Meant to Be'' (1996)

*''I'm Yours'' (1998)

*''I Have Arrived'' (2004)

* Linda Davis official site

Davis, Linda

Davis, Linda

Davis, Linda

Davis, L

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