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"Lindisfarne" were a popular British Folk/rock group of the 1970s, fronted by singer/songwriter Alan Hull. Their music combined a strong sense of yearning, often for home, with an even stronger sense of fun. Hit singles included "Meet Me On The Corner", "Lady Eleanor" and "Run For Home" and the anthemic "We Can Swing Together", though perhaps their best-remembered song is "Fog On The Tyne" from the LP of the same name.

The original lineup comprised Alan Hull (vocals/guitar/piano), Simon Cowe (guitar, mandolin, banjo), Ray Jackson (mandolin/harmonica), Rod Clements (bass guitar/violin), Ray Laidlaw (drums).

The group began its life as the Downtown Faction, but soon changed their name to Brethren.

In 1968, after hearing of an American group of the same name, they were rechristened Lindisfarne after the island of the same name off the Northumbrian coast.

In 1970 Tony Stratton-Smith signed them to Charisma Records and their debut album

''Nicely Out of Tune'' was released, defining their mixture of bright harmony and rollicking

folk rock. Both their singles released from the album, "Clear White Light" and "Lady Eleanor",

failed to chart, as did the album...

years active 1968–2003
status Disbanded
origin Newcastle, England
country England
music genre Folk-rock
past members Simon Cowe
Rod Clements
Alan Hull
Ray Jackson
Ray Laidlaw
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source: Wikipedia