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Liquido is an alternative rock band formed in Germany in 1996 by the four friends Wolfgang Maier (drums), Wolfgang Schrödl (vocals, guitar, piano), Stefan Schulte-Holthaus (bass) and Tim Eiermann (vocals, guitar). One of their biggest hits is "Narcotic", which was first released on "Narcotic Demo '96", but only gained popularity when the band released the first full-length album "Liquido". It then sold over 700,000 units. Some of their later hits include Play Some Rock (2000 - At The Rocks), Stay With Me (2003 - Alarm! Alarm!) and Ordinary Life (2005 - Float).

== Discography =

  • Float (2005)
  1. Flip To Play
  2. Lay Your Head Down
  3. Love Me Love Me
  4. Bulletin
  5. Mr. Officer
  6. Ordinary Life
  7. Fake Boys/Girls
  8. No Sensitive Healing
  9. The Final Strike
  10. High Roller
  11. Drag Me Down
  12. The Standard
  13. Jump Off
  14. Valentine
  15. Prostitute Bonus Track
  • Ordinary Life (2005)
  1. Ordinary Life
  2. The Ju...
    years active 1996 – present
    origin Germany
    music genre Alternative Rock
    current members Wolfgang Maier
    Wolfgang Schrödl
    Stefan Schulte-Holthaus
    Tim Eiermann
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

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