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"Litfiba" is an Italian rock band formed in Florence in early 1980 that is still active.

The meeting of 5 punk (though it was then on the decline), New Wave and simply rock music fans with then no musical background gave birth to "Litfiba". From the early 1980’s until now, the band evolved from a british influenced new-wave pop-rock to a more personal and inspired rock music, always with Italian singing. "Litfiba" is often considered Italy’s most important and influent rock band.


The band was born in Florence in 1980. The name "Litfiba" is the mixing of several words: L’ITalia, FIrenze (Italian for the city of Florence) and "Via dei BArdi" ("Bardi street" where the band was based). The former band is composed of 4 members : Federico Renzulli (nicknamed Ghigo) on guitars, Gianni Maroccolo on bass, Sandro Dotta on solo guitar (who left the band after a few weeks) and Francesco Calamai on drums. Vocals were then performed by Renzulli. Antonio Aiazzi on keyboards and Piero Pelù on vocals joined the band shortly after. The group was born. At that time, the music was influenced by punk and new-wave.

The first concert took place on 8 december 1980 (the day Joh...

years active 1980–present (time)
origin Florence
country Italy
music genre New Wave music
current members Federico Renzulli
Gianluigi Cavallo
Gianluca Venier
Antonio Aiazzi
Gianmarco Colzi
past members Piero Pelù
Roberto Terzani
Daniele Bagni
Franco Caforio
Daniele Trambusti
Ringo de Palma
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source: Wikipedia