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Little Angels

"Little Angels" was a UK hard rock band of the late 80s and early to mid 90s.

Little Angels formed in Scarborough, England in 1984, and were originally called Mr Thrud. The founding members were Toby Jepson (Vocals), Mark Plunkett (Bass), Dave Hopper (Drums) and the brothers Bruce John and Jimmy Dickinson (Guitar and Keyboards respectively). Michael Lee joined the band to replace Hopper around 1988/89 when the band changed their name to Little Angels.

Lee, himself, left Little Angels during the ''Young Gods'' tour on short notice to join The Cult with whom he played the full ''Ceremony'' world tour before joining Robert Plant's band who he still plays with now. He has since headlined the Reading Festival with Page and Plant. He was replaced in Little Angels by Mark Richardson, who filled in for him on several tour dates before taking his place officially during the recording of ''Jam''. "Big" Dave Kemp (saxaphone) and Grant Kirkhope (trumpet) added to the sound for this third album.

They were successful in the UK and cracked US to some extent, though not enough to satisfy their employers. They broke up in 1994 after being dropped by their record label. Despite he...

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