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Little Feat

"Little Feat" is a band who have mixed blues, R&B, country and rock and roll styles together since they formed in 1969 in Los Angeles, and are known for their eclectic blend of many forms of music.


The band was formed by two former members of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention: songwriter and guitarist Lowell George, who also provided vocals and slide guitar and Roy Estrada on bass guitar. They were joined by drummer Richard Hayward and Bill Payne on keyboards and vocals. The name of the band came from a comment made by Mothers' drummer Jimmy Carl Black about the diminutive size of Lowell's pedal extremities.

Legend has it that George showed Frank Zappa his song ''Willin'', and that Zappa fired him from The Mothers, since the song contained drug references. Ironically, when ''Willin'' was recorded for the first, eponymous Little Feat album, George had hurt his hand, and could not play the slide part on the song: Ry Cooder was drafted in to play this part. This was one reason why ''Willin" was re-recorded and included on the lineup for their second album ''Sailin' Shoes''. ''Sailin' Shoes'' was also the first Little Feat album to include cover art by Neon Park,...

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