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Little Texas

"Little Texas" is an American country music band which achieved fame in the 1990s with several hit singles to their credit.

Porter Howell - lead guitar, lead vocals (1988-1997; 2004-present)

Dwayne O'Brien - rhythm guitar, vocals (1988-1997; 2004-present)

Duane Propes - bass guitar, vocals (1988-1997; 2004-present)

Del Gray - drums, vocals (1988-1997; 2004-present)

Brady Seals - keyboards, vocals (1988-1994)

Tim Rushlow - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1988-1997)

Jeff Huskins - keyboards, fiddle, vocals (1994-1997)

Little Texas first materialized in November 1988. Before the band came together, each pair of members were playing music together. Tim Rushlow and Dwayne O'Brien began playing together in Arlington, Texas, in 1984. Rushlow was originally a member of the band Perry Hoover and the Gamblers. Porter Howell and Duane Propes got together while they were in high school in 1983 and moved to Nashville to attend Belmont College. Brady Seals and Del Gray played in the backup band of country music recording artist Josh Logan. Tim, Dwayne, Duane and Porter first started making music at Opryland as a 50's...

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