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Living Sacrifice

"Living Sacrifice" was a Christian death/thrash metal band that formed in 1989 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. They later switched their style to metalcore and are considered one of the most influential bands in the Christian metal scene.

Living Sacrifice was one of the first Christian death metal bands. They formed in 1989 by D.J. (bass/vocals), Bruce Fitzhugh (guitar) and Lance Garvin (drums). Later on, Jason Truby joined in on guitar.

In 1991, Living Sacrifice's self-titled debut was released on R.E.X. Records. The album received much comparison to thrash groups of the time, especially Slayer. In 1992, Living Sacrifice released their second album, ''Nonexistent''. In this album LS switched from thrash metal to down-tuned death metal, and D.J. started experimenting with a different type of vocal approach.

In 1994 the band released a third album, ''Inhabit'', which is considered the heaviest of all LS albums (''Nonexistent'' has also been considered the heaviest). On ''Inhabit'' D.J. returned to a more thrashy approach. After this recording R.E.X. went bankrupt, and Living Sacrifice signed onto Solid State Records.

After this D.J. left the band and Bruce to...

years active 1989–2003
music genre Thrash metal, Death metal, Black metal
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