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Lizzie West

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"Lizzie West" (born in Brooklyn, NY on July 21, 1973) is a singer/songwriter. Her music can be described as a blend of many genre's including country, folk, blues, pop, and rock. Her band is called "Lizzie West and the White Buffalo," the "White Buffalo" referring to her co-producer and boyfriend, Anthony Kieraldo. Her debut album, ''Holy Road: Freedom Songs'', was released in 2003 on Warner Brothers Records. It was recorded with her former band, the Gangs of Kosmos. Popular songs on the album include ''Dusty Turnaround'', ''Sometime'', and ''Holy Road''. Her second album, ''I Pledge Allegiance To Myself'', was released in April 2006 by Appleseed Records.

West spent most of her early adult life traveling across the United States while writing stories and plays. She moved to London when she was 18. After returning to America four years later (1995), she purchased her first guitar from a pawn shop in Nashville. Upon returning to New York City the following year, she began performing her songs on street corners, subways, and her sister's bar, the Stinger, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her first tour of the Unit...

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