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"Loco" has several different meanings:

*In Vodou, Loco (also Loko, Loko Atisou) is a Rada nation loa, patron of healers and plants, especially trees. His is married to Ayizan.

*"Loco" is the first, and probably best known, single by the now-defunct band Coal Chamber

* Loco is also an abbreviation for locomotive.

*''Loco'', from Spanish, is slang for insane or crazy

*''Loco'', is the South American name of Abalone

*Loco, in musical software, is an audio programming language designed to be for sound what Logo is for graphics.

*"Loco" and ''Loco'', a 2001 song and album by the Fun Lovin' Criminals.

*Loco is a distribution of GNU/Linux.

*Loco, Oklahoma is a place in Stephens County; the zip code is 73442.

*Manuel Antonio Cange, a footballer known more commonly as 'Loco'



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