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"Long-view" (previous name Longview, having to change their name because of the much lesser known and same titled American bluegrass group) are an indie rock band from Winchester, England. Their debut album, ''Mercury'', was released in July 2003. Their blend of powerful rock ballads have made them famous in the indie community.

They have released several singles (including 'Further' on two separate occasions). One of their most interesting and rare singles was a cover of Depeche Mode's 'Stripped' which was only available as a digital download or on limited edition vinyl.

The band are currently finishing work on their second album and the release date is expected to be around Autumn 2006. It was recorded in the studios at London Bridge, Seattle and at Rob's flat in Manchester. Demos of new material have been uploaded onto the band's Myspace account by Rob and Aidan. Future song titles include 'Elysian Fields', 'Why', 'Signals' and 'Happiness in Loneliness'. The new material suggests a more patient and softer approach by the band, and includes the prospective new single 'Hollow'.

*Lead singer/guitar: Rob McVey

*Lead guitarist: Doug Morch

*Bass guitarist: Aidan Ban...

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