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"Longwave" is an American indie rock band. The band was formed in 1999 by guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Steve Schiltz, guitarist Shannon Ferguson, bassist Dave Marchese and drummer Jeremy Green.

Their first release, entitled ''Endsongs'' was self-produced and caught notice around the burgeoning rock scene, in and around Manhattan. The band found its audience by becoming the house band at a club called the Luna Lounge.

Guitarist Steve Schiltz, originally from Rochester, New York, formed the band that originally played shows as "The Deaf Aides," named for John Lennon's comments that open the ''Let It Be'' album. A few months after Steve left Rochester to begin a career in music, he returned to play regular gigs at a coffee house called Blue Sunday. The Deaf Aides, with their regularly revolving members, eventually included bassist Dave Marchese.

Before Longwave formed, Steve played guitar for a short time in a band called Scout, which released an album. Steve soon left Scout to pursue more fervently his own aspirations.

Soon Drummer Jeremy Green joined the band, followed b...

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