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Los Panchos

"Los Panchos" (also "TrĂ­o Los Panchos") is the name of an internationally known musical trio.

Los Panchos were first formed in 1944 at New York City by two Mexicans, Alfredo Gil and Chucho Navarro, and one Puerto Rican, Hernando Aviles. Each member of Los Panchos played a guitar and sang.

Los Panchos reached fame internationally with their romantic songs, especially in Latin America, where they are still regarded as one of the top trios of all time. They sold millions of album copies within a few years of being founded.

Julito Rodriguez joined the group in 1952; he was replaced by Johnny Albino in 1958.

The Albino era was one of the most prosperous ones for Los Panchos, as Albino proved to be a very popular singer among Los Panchos fans for ten years. His departure in 1968 was a tumultous one, as he did not leave in good terms with the group's management.

Los Panchos still continue to perform concerts across Puerto Rico, the United States and Latin America, with a newer cast of singers.

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