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"Loudness" is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1981 by Akira Takasaki, then known locally in Japan as a guitar virtuoso.

Their Japanese-language debut album was ''Birthday Eve''; quite successful for a debut album, especially one of the heavy metal genre, which had not produced much domestic output. In 1983, after recording their 3rd album ''The Law of Devil's Land'', they decide it was time for them to go outside of Japan and conquer the world. They moved to Europe to record their 4th album ''Disillusion'', and they performed on a few stages there.

Finally in 1985, through the management of former Twisted Sister tour manager Joe Gerber, they inked a contract with Atlantic Records. Their 5th album ''Thunder in the East'' became a very successful album for them, peaking at #74 in the Billboard charts, making them the only Japanese rock group which has ranked in the Billboard Top 100. It had the hit "Crazy Nights," noted for the repeated chant of "MZA," which vocalist Minoru Niihara finally admitted in a series of 2006 interviews as being an improvised abbreviation that sounded good at the time. On the album, all songs were sung in English, which has become a trend in...

country Japan
music genre Heavy metal
current members Minoru Niihara (singer
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source: Wikipedia