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Louis Armstrong

"Louis Daniel Armstrong" (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971) (also known by the nicknames "Satchmo" for "satch"el-"mo"uth and "Pops") was an American jazz musician. Armstrong was a charismatic, innovative performer whose musical skills and bright personality transformed jazz from a rough regional dance music into a popular art form. Probably the most famous jazz musician of the 20th century, he first achieved fame as a trumpeter, but toward the end of his career he was best known as a vocalist and was one of the most influential jazz singers.

Armstrong was born August 4, 1901 to a poor family in New Orleans, Louisiana. His youth was spent in poverty in a rough neighborhood of uptown New Orleans, as his father, William Armstrong (1881–?), abandoned the family when Louis was an infant. His mother, Mary Albert Armstrong (1886–1942) then left him and his younger sister Beatrice Armstrong Collins (1903–1987) under the upbringing of his grandmother Josephine Armstrong. He first learned to play the cornet (his first of which was bought with money loaned to him by the Karnofskys, a Russian-Jewish immigrant family) in the band of the New Orleans Home for Colored ...

hometown New Orleans, Louisiana
country United States
years active 1919—1971
music genre jazz music
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source: Wikipedia