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Louise Attaque

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! colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFDEAD" | Louise Attaque

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| Founded|| 1994

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| Genre || Folk Rock


! colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFDEAD" | members

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| guitar, vocals || Gaetan Roussel

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| bass guitar || Robin Feix

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| drums || Alexandre Margraff

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| violin || Arnaud Samuel


"Louise Attaque" is a French musical group founded in 1994. Its style could be described as between chanson and folk rock. Its first album has sold more than 2.5 million copies.

Several of the group's albums were produced by Gordon Gano, lead singer of The Violent Femmes, a band whom Louise Attaque often cites as an influence and for whom their own band is named; "Louise" is a feminine name and "attaque" connotates violence.


Caravage (1990-1994)

Lead singer and guitarist Gaƫtan Roussel and bassist Robin Feix met in high school in Montargis. They moved to Paris after graduation where they met drummist Alexandre Margraff and formed a rock band : C...

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