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Courtney Love

"Courtney Michelle Love" (born July 91964) is an American rock musician and actress, best-known as lead singer for the now-defunct alternative rock band Hole, and as the widow of Kurt Cobain (1967–1994), lead singer of the band Nirvana. ''Rolling Stone'' has called her "the most controversial woman in the history of rock." Love has one daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.


Courtney Love was actually born "Courtney Michelle Harrison", the daughter of Hank Harrison and therapist Linda Carroll (née Risi). Love's maternal grandmother is writer Paula Fox but was given up for adoption to an Italian-American couple who raised their Jewish-born daughter Catholic . She recently wrote an autobiography, ''"Her Mother's Daughter"'', about her dysfunctional relationship with both adoptive mother and elder daughter.

Love spent her childhood with her mother as she wandered through four husbands and as many hippie communes in Oregon and at boarding school in Nelson, New Zealand. During a child-custody case following her parents' divorce, both Courtney's mother Linda and one of her girlfriends presented letters to the court implying her father had given a 4-year-ol...

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